VT1 January 2015 Sponsors

Viper Tracks attendees,

While we plan Viper Tracks 2016, I would like to extend a personal “Thanks” to each and every one of you who turned out this past January for the first of what we hope will be many more Viper Tracks events. This past Janaury 17-18th for Viper track first event was a huge success with 75+ Vipers in attendance. Many months of planning, hundreds of emails and phone calls went into this event, but the real success came from each and every one of you that signed up early and attended the event. Without your support, we had no event.

The sponsors for Viper Tracks 2015:

West Coast Racing inc. Jim Saxton
Specialty Performance Team– Dan Cragin, Phone:(626)-588-2882
Motor Village LA -Mike Bell Phone: (877) 630-1038
Normandin Dodge-Paul Normandin Phone: (877) 330-0391
Bad Boyzz Garage -Toddy Gomez Phone: (916)505-9026

All of them had confidence in us to rally the Viper faithful and get the attendance that was needed to fill the event. Without them we could not have moved forward with the planning for the track and banquet. THANK YOU for your trust and support !!

Pirelli tire donated a full set of tires for a Viper! We all could have used a set of new tires after that event. Thank you Pirelli. A special thanks to Maurice Liang, President of the Viper Owners Association for working with Pirelli to get us this great door prize. Congratulations to brand new Viper owner, Eddie Chivu for having the winning ticket !

Dodge/SRT Their team brought out Erich Heuschele and Tommy Kendall and gave us the opportunity to ride along with these amazing drivers in two fantastic cars; the Viper TA and Challenger Hellcat. Wow that was the icing on the cake for sure.

Hopefully our goal of creating a safe, educational, FUN, Viper only track event for you, met or exceeded your expectations. Thank you all for coming out and being part of VIPER TRACKS 2015.

Please go to www.facebook.com/vipertracks and please “Like us” Please share your photos and comments and suggestions with us.

We are already planing Viper Tracks II so stay tuned… and remember to “Get Bitten”.

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