Car & Safety Requirements

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All cars must past tech inspection

All cars must pass tech inspection and have signed tech inspection sheet for a qualified mechanic or Viper tech. Cars will not be permitted to run without the completed tech sheet.


Tires must past tech inspection. Tire age: old tires will not be acceptable ! All tires have a date code stamped on the side wall of the tire. All tires must be no older than 5 years old. Tires must meet the speed rating of the vehicle. Tires must have no puncture repair plugs, cording or sidewall damage. Wheels must be crack and damage free.


Brake fluid must past tech inspection.
It is highly recommended brakes be bled before, and after an event. Brake Lights: Two working brake lights must be fitted and in working order at all times, and must not be wired in a way that allows them to be switched off or delayed. Brake Fluid with a Dry Boiling Point 580 or higher is highly recommend. Brake Pads Racing or Performance brake pads are highly recommended. Participants are reminded to ensure they have sufficient pad material (usually 50% or more) throughout an event.

Cabin must be free of any loose items, some example include but not limited too: Cameras,radar detectors,garage door openers,tire inflators, tools,loose items on dashboard and floor or rear hatch area. Any item that may move about in the cabin under fast acceleration or deceleration. If it’s not tied down it will become a projectile in the event of a shunt! Bulk Head between the cabin and the Fuel Tank must be completely sealed.

Seat belts

Seat belts are required in all cars. 3 point stock seat belts are ok 5 point harnesses are recommended and preferred.


will be accepted only if:

  1. a)  Aftermarket roll bar, roll cage is fitted, Permitted in any run group level.
  2. b)  Hard Top is fitted. Permitted in any run group level.
  3. c)  OEM Roll hoop protection is not permitted. (Please contact we have several vendors that can provide a easy solution for replacement OEM hoops.)

Fire Extinguisher:

It is required that participants carry, at a minimum, a 2.5 lb. Fire Extinguisher. it must be securely mounted in the cabin of the car and easily accessible to the driver.

Battery must be securely mounted and the positive connection insulated to prevent grounding.


Mufflers: Viper Tracks will endeavor to post any Sound Restrictions in Supplementary Event Regulations, but it is up to the competitor to ensure compliance with any Track mandated Sound Restrictions. It is highly recommended to be prepared at all times with pre-fitted sound suppression devices, such as a Muffler or Pipe Turn Down.

Exterior lighting:

Brake Lights: Two working brake lights must be fitted and in working order at all times, and must not be wired in a way that allows them to be switched off or delayed.

Headlights: It is highly recommended to have operational Headlights. Required in wet weather or fog conditions.

Rain Light: At least 1 Rain Light or Tail Light is required to be operational during wet conditions.


Your car should be free of leaks of any kind. You should inspect all your fluids prior to the event to be sure they are at proper levels and have been changed at the correct interval. A proper tech inspection is recommended with one of our sponsors or a qualified technician.

No open wheel cars. No exceptions.

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